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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heart to Heart

Simple Crotchet Heart
Well the sun is still shining and I am loving it.  Although outside it is still frosty and cold, the sky is blue and it makes all the difference.   I have spent most of the day preparing for our family holiday, packing for a family of 6 can be quite a daunting task, but I am  getting there.   But, since my day started at 4.00 am this morning thanks to little R,s teething, I felt like taking a  break.  

I have discovered a cute little pattern for a tiny crotchet heart, it is so quick and simple to make, ideal for those 5 minute breaks.  Also great for those little left over yarns.  I think that you will soon discover how easy and fun they are to make.  They were listed on this lovely Blog, where a wonderful tutorial has been given.  (Thank you Attic24)
Happy Hooking, but a word of warning these little darlings can be very addictive and you might end up making a lot...   Good Luck !

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