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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Flowery Surprise

 Yesterday was soooo very cold, who would have thought that we are in the first week of Spring.  The only comfort that I had was sitting in front of my living room window, on my lovely comfy sofa, soaking up all the warm sun that was shining through.  Little R was of course watching The Heffelump ( again ! ) so I was able to enjoy a few hooky moments.  

Flowery Surprise
  I tried this motif out.  It only has 3 rounds and is super quick to crotchet, I have decided to make a present for someone special ( no details yet, don't want to give away the surprise ) Hope that it works out like I imagine it.  

Need to make at least 10 of each colour

Such an easy quick pattern

As you know I am working on the motifs from  a lovely crotchet motif book.  For those who did not read my "Imagine" post here is the Amazon Link for the Book .. take a look it really is a lovely book.

So maybe with a bit of luck I can catch a few more warming moments in front of the window this morning.  After the school run I am absolutely freezing and in desperate need of warmth.

I hope that you are all keeping warm and are finding a few moments to yourself to do something that makes you happy .

More details on the flowery surprise to come soon. Lots of love from my little corner.

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