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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Colours and Cakes

My latest project in the making
 My Little R has inherited her older sisters (aged 11 ) Ikea chair, which she absolutley loves ... the only thing is, that I can't stand to see the old dirty, blue, worn out cover anymore.  So last night I decided to crotchet a comfy, colourful new cover.  I am using the old bits and bobs in my left over wool basket, here it is so far....

Then today I decided to make cakes for the childrens lunch boxes, I pulled out the new packet of cake papers only to discover the colours !!!!  Oh my goodness, can you believe it ?   It made me feel like I was a little bit in tune with the universe today.  (Slight giggle)..

Can you believe it ?

Mary Berry,s no fail recipe        
Of course I am no baker that is for sure, that particular gift was given to my talented little sister P, whose home is always filled with the smell of cookies, cakes and yummy things.  But I have to say, Mary Berry is a genius, if her recipes work for me, then they will work for anyone.... she is amazing.  Here is a wonderful link that shows you her recipe for these easy peasy cup cakes.  (Great for the childrens lunch boxes, or snacks after school ) and super quick.


  1. Hi Charlotte!
    I follow a cute blog I'm sure you will love -
    here's the link.

    She crochets cute creatures and bunny eared egg cosies - as well as a lot of other wonderful things...