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Friday, March 15, 2013

Cushions, Covers, and Cookies.

A new cushion instead

I know its simple, but I like the colours. 

New Wool, New Magazine, homemade cookie and a warm drink .. Mmmmm

Where do I start ??
The last few days I have been attempting to make a cover for my little R,s hand-me-down Ikea chair, but for some reason it simply did not work out as I thought, so instead of getting even more frustrated I decided to recycle my attempt into a lovely cushion.

My day began at 5.00 am this morning with the cries of little R who is still so poorly. So I dragged myself downstairs and settled down on the sofa and for the hundredth time this week watched The Heffelump.  

Not sure if it was the hour of the morning or the need for sugar but  I felt an urge for yummy things so  I made some lovely white chocolate chip cookies ( Mary Berrys recipe of course , found on this wonderful blog. 

After the school run,  I stopped into town, bought myself a magazine, some new wool ( only cheap wool but lovely and soft and lovely colours. ) and  made a new plan for the Ikea chair.

I have even decided to cover the wood of the chair .... its a technique that I saw on this wonderful blog 
its a bit time consuming but I think that it has a lovely effect.  What do you think ?    Fun !  

Its quite easy and fun.

What do you think ? 

So wish me luck ..... updates of my progress will come soon.  But for now I will savour the delights of my new magazine.


  1. looks like you have had a BUSY day!!
    Oh l.o.v.e. the button.
    if you are going to make more - let me know ;)

  2. I will be making some more with the wood I collected last year. Cant wait for the weather to be slightly warmer so I can go to the beach and collect some more. SO happy that you like it.