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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Baskets

Little R,s Easter Basket.
The day yesterday left me so exhausted but I made good progress sorting out some space for MyLittleCorner.   Still lots to do, but its exciting to know that soon I will have a place where all  my things are organised, on display and looking pretty.   I will post pictures as soon as it develops into something recognisable as a studio.

With Easter coming, I wanted to make my little R a little Easter Basket of her own to collect her eggs in.   I needed something EASY and QUICK.
So I found this lovely little pattern that is soooo easy.

I have made a few alterations though.  The basic basket is the same, but I decided to make a handle of flowers ( a little prettier ) and add of course a decorative flower.    What do you think ?
I think Little R is going to love it.  She loves any kind of handbag anyway, but when she get this filled with chocolate eggs, I am sure she will be one happy little Bunny.

Have  a go at making one.  If you have any questions please feel free to write me and I will definitely try to help.   
Good Luck.  ( A few pictures to help you ! )     Do you like my self made hook ?
Simple Chain 2, Slip stitch in first chain and then Chain 2.

Use a marker for the rounds. ( I use a hair clip ! ) 

Work it like the Coasters.

This is how you work in the back loop only.
Just follow the pattern and this is what you have

Cute isn't it !
The little flowers for the handle.

This was the flower for the front of the basket
Both flowers were really simple.
First Flower:
Chain 2, Slip Stitch to form a ring
(chain 2, 1 Treble Stitch, Chain 2, Slip stitch in ring ) Repeat 5 times ( Or 6 if preferred.)
Second Flower:
Chain 4, Slip Stitch to form a ring
(Chain 3, 2 Treble Stitch, Chain 3, Slip Stitch in ring ) Repeat 5 or 6 times.

I told you easy .....
I made 6 for the handle, you can of course have a longer handle if you want.
Pretty, isn't it ?
Sew them all together and attach to the basket

Use a darning needle to ensure its secured tightly

Sew the large flower on the front and your done.   Hope it turned out well. xx