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Monday, March 4, 2013

Family Time

 I am back from our glorious family holiday.   During the week it snowed and we were able to enjoy this beautiful view from our chalet.    I can not begin to describe how much I already miss it now that we are all back in The Hague. I know for sure that at heart I am a country girl, the clean air, the silence of nature, I just love it and feel so relaxed within it.   

Breathtaking isnt it ?
Even Maja Loved it here, she was so at home.

Family holidays are great, a time to just be together without any outside distractions.  It also gave me the chance to sit down with my lovely little girl S and teach her to crotchet, she picked it up so quickly and started to crotchet her own blanket. 

All done by my lovely S

As for me I managed to do a little bit too, although I must be honest between all the family activities I found that I had hardly any time, and when I did, I simply sat with the children talking and having fun.  But I did manage to collect a few hearts, I am going to make a garland of them for Spring. 
I will of course post some more pictures to show you how it worked out..  

A simple chain stich to join them all in a fun Garland, perfect for decorating some willow branches ..


  1. Such beautiful photos Charlotte!
    And well done S you are an excellent crochetess!
    Love and hugs to you all

    1. Thanks Joanne, it was such a lovely time. Glad that you liked the photos. xx