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Thursday, March 21, 2013


My new wool.
I have been struggling with the "Ikea Chair" Project, I am just not enjoying it and it doesn't seem to be working out as I want or imagine.  I was wondering last night if its because the yarn I am using is just cheap yarn and doesn't feel that nice while I am working with it, so I have decided to put it to rest for a little while.

Last night I began to have a little look through some of my crotchet books ... and my Crotchet Motifs book grabbed my attention.  A lovely book, take a look on the link below, from

I Love this book
I sat quietly on my lovely sofa, while all the children were nicely tucked up in bed and drooled over the pages of colours and designs.  

I was not really in the mood to do a blanket (again ) so was wondering what could I do ???

I woke up this morning and thought, yep that's it, Pin Cushions.  Who does not like a lovely pin cushion ?  I just love small projects, especially as my life at the moment is in chaos.  With a small project I can enjoy the simplicity of the work, enjoy the quality of the yarn and after a small time see a wonderful result.    So that was it, it was decided. 

Just Imagine.

After spending a few hours sorting out my studio space, doing some washing, making beds and picking up after Little R ( and everyone else !! ) , I took a lovely trip to my local wool shop.  I love walking into that shop.  So many colours to choose from .    I finally decided on the purples, with a promise to myself to return as soon as money permitted to get other colours.

The first one is from the Unusual Motifs :

Not sure if I should have changed colours !

Just need to weave in the loose ends.

Finished.  Now I need to find some pretty material to make the cushion..  ( Step 2 will come soon )

The first step to my Pin Cushion just took me 20 minutes.  Great !  Especially as the children will be home soon and I have to get my "Mummy" head back on.

I will update you with the cushion side of this project soon.  ( Hope your as excited as me )


  1. Oh it will be perfect Charlotte!
    Hurry now and get a shop up and running :)

  2. Thanks Jo., I know I am working on it. I am trying to organise my space a little bit and then I am going to. :)

  3. This is a great idea Charlotte and I love the colours! Nice one sis keep going I am loving your blog!

  4. Thanks, I am so glad that your enjoying it. I am having such a great time with it. xx