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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is Spring coming ?

My new spring time pot with my holiday hearts

For me Spring time means eggs ... new beginnings

LOVE the colour of my new pot.

My pattern for Easter Egg Cosies

Is Spring coming ?  I hope so.  Today I had  a little taste and it has put me in the mood for spring flowers and the reminder of all things beginning again.  A new start, a new lease of life. I can't wait for my garden to transform itself from the messy aftermath of Winter into a burst of energy and colour that Spring brings.  

Despite little R and myself being totally caught out by the Flu, I have enjoyed sitting in my little corner of the World on my cosy sofa with the window slightly open ( letting the warm fresh breeze in ) and designing my little Easter Egg Cosies.  It took me a few goes but I think I managed to get it.    I think that I might spend the rest of the evening, now the children are safely tucked away in bed, making a few more.  I think that they make really nice Easter Gifts.  I will try and write the pattern out for you as soon as I am feeling less poorly.


  1. They look beautiful!
    Your tree garland is stunning!!

    1. Thanks Jo., Im glad that you liked it. I have been making crotchet hooks today and will post pictures soon. Have also made a few more egg cosies..