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Monday, March 11, 2013

Japanese Rice Dishes on my windowsill.

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My Japanese Rice Dishes .

It has been quite a weekend, with most of the family ill with the flu.  The weather has changed from the Hope of Spring to the dreaded return of Wintry Cold.  "Yuck ! "  Jut when I thought it was safe to go outside without gloves.

As for me I'm recovering slowly and have cheered myself up with lovely spring bulbs growing nicely on my kitchen windowsill.

Although I haven't been able to do much this weekend, I have been enjoying myself exploring all the wonderful blogs out there.  I have found so many great ideas that my mind is bursting with the desire to start some wonderful projects.    Thanks to all the wonderful people who took the time to share, credit will of course be given to them when I start.    I plan to start the simple and quick ones first just so that I ensure that I keep going with things.  These coasters are going to be my first task... I think they are just great !!

I will post pictures as soon as I get them done ( hopefully later today !) 

I am also in the chaos of trying to organise a work place here in my little corner, so that I can open my little shop.   Not sure how much I will get done today though because ....... "Breaking Dawn Part 2 " has been released and yes, I have bought it.  It sits on my sideboard in its wrapper just begging me to open it.  I have resisted so far this morning as I have so many other things to get done and I want to be able to sit an enjoy it without any interruptions .. including my adorable little R, who is at the moment busy watching her own favourite movie, "The Heffelump !"


  1. Very pretty Charlotte!
    Now I hope you have watched your movie by now!!

    1. Not Yet !!!! Cannt seem to find the perfect peaceful moment.. (Plus the girls want to watch it with me .) But soon. xx