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Friday, March 22, 2013

Pin It.

 Ok, so here goes part 2 of the Pin Cushion Project.  I have dug into my old box of material and these were the only ones that I could find that matched.  What do you think.  I love them all, especially the Linen.  Not sure what to use though... Mmmmmm

Need to decide what backing to use !

Decided on the stripes . What do you think ?

 I simply cut it out and sewed around leaving a gap for the stuffing.

Once filled quite firmly , sew the gap by hand.  ( No close up of those stitches !)

 I made a bit of a boo boo, I sewed one of the pieces inside out, so I decided to use that one for the front.  I think it worked out ok in the end.

I simply hand sewed the crotchet motif on the stuffed cushion.

This is the back.  I think the stripes look nice don't you ?

So this is my Pin Cushion. ( First Attempt) 

I think its pretty. 

What do you think ?

I just finished another Motif that I think is rather beautiful.  Just need to darn in the loose ends and then find some material to make the cushion.  This motif is slightly bigger than the last one.  This time I will use Linen.  ( Just wish that I had a different colour.  There is something to be said for Linen isn't there.

Isn't it pretty.

Well that was my first attempt at making pin cushions, I will definitely be making more. ( Especially for my shop which will be opening soon ! )  Any ideas would be welcome. 

I wish you all a lovely day from MyLittleCorner.