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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Progress in MyLittleCorner

Well I am getting there ......   its crazy what you discover when you open up boxes that seemed to have been sealed for some time.  I have discovered many many projects that I have started and have failed to finish.

Another Shelf up... now to just fill it !!

Its lovely to see things out !

Gosh, do I really have so much stuff ?
 I am so excited I have a million ideas in my head.  I have to stop myself from being impatient.

A little corner for my lovely S and her new sewing machine.
 My Lovely S also loves to create things and has shown a lot of talent already in sewing and crotchet.  She had a new starters machine for her Birthday and I have made a LittleCorner all of her own.  We still need to add some shelves but we are getting there.

Still messy but getting there.

Found this little rag doll half finished in one of my boxes. 

Sat her here on my shelf to remind me to finish all the projects in progress.   

Hope that you will all have a lovely Easter weekend.   From MyLittleCorner


  1. Its really great, Mum !!! Love Mr. Rabbit watching you xxx

  2. Great! Well done you! Looks fantastic!

  3. Yes - a lovely corner - just as I had imagined you would make it!
    You DO have lots of stuff!!
    Have a lovely Easter weekend (and enjoy Mum's visit too!!)

  4. Thanks Jo., I am so looking forward to Mum coming. Hope your Easter is a lovely one too. xx