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Monday, March 18, 2013

Signs of Spring

Just makes me smile

Love these, especially the colour.

So teeny tiny

To start something new is always exciting and as everything the beginning is full of enthusiasm.  I have decided to start this blog as I love to make things, normally for gifts but also for my home and my lovely 4 children.  I thought it would be fun and a new experience to share these things with you.  I absolutely LOVE reading other bloggers and discovering all the wonderful ideas, talents and thoughts out there .   ( Some of my favourites are listed on the side! )

I feel a little bit like I am fumbling around, but thats the fun part.  

As a family we have lived in The Hague now for just over a year and for some reason its taken me a Long time to accept it and therefore to organise myself.  But since I have started working here in MyLittleCorner, I have a huge desire to start ...  it feels rather overwhelming to be honest, to run a home, to re-organise, and to start something new, especially with my youngest Little R, who is teething, and what seems like a constant cold ! ( Phew! ).

Today was "another" 5.00am start.   

Nevertheless I am determined.  My gorgeous Spring Bulbs are reminding me constantly that I can do it, I have enjoyed watching the beautiful colours and buds bloom.  The Signs of Spring might not be outside, but they are definitely on my Kitchen Windowsill and remind me that new starts can be beautiful.

I am still trying to cover Little R,s Chair, although it is taking me much longer than I expected. Progress pictures will be posted soon.  

In the meantime I MUST organise MyLittleCorner, along with all the motherly chores of the day.  Wish me luck.  Any hints on occupying a little toddler who seems to believe her place is on my hip whatever the activity , would be greatly appreciated.

I wish all me readers a lovely day and hope that the Signs of Spring are with you too. 

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