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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Space in MyLittleCorner

Table up.

I have spent a lot of my free time today ( not that I have much! ) working on the new space for MyLittleCorner.  I am sooo excited, although I feel like I will never get organised. There seems to be so much to do. 

Started to empty boxes !! 

Ahhh... Mess, will I EVER sort it out.
 The morning was spent with Little R in IKEA for some simple and cheap shelves ...(Although I spent most of the time chasing her around Ikea )   

Things are starting to make some sort of shape and I feel like I have butterflies in my tummy.  What a luxury to have my own space.  

Some shelves are up just need to do the rest !    
Hopefully I will make good progress this weekend in MyLittleCorner !   Wish me luck. !!


  1. Looks great! Love your choice of fabrics! Love Stefanie

  2. Thanks Stephanie, these are just left overs from previous projects ... its fun to see what things I had hidden in boxes ! :)