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Friday, April 5, 2013

A New Project

Starling Handbag

I need to get my teeth into a new project and have decided to make this gorgeous bag ... I have bought some really pretty material from the market in Delft, Netherlands and I plan to line it.  I think that I will also get some contrasting wool to make some wonderful roses. ( A pattern for them can be found on my previous post "The Rose". )

So what do you think ?  

A free pattern for this bag can be found at this wonderful blog


  1. I really like the bag. Please show yours, when your done! :)

  2. I will, I am in the middle of doing the sides, its easier than I first thought and the visual tutorials on the blog I mentioned is very helpful... will post my progress soon.

  3. You've been so busy - I thought you wouldn't have time to post so much with Mum there too - but I guess it helps having an extra pair of hands with R!!
    Thank you for the blog mention too!
    love you

    1. Yes it does help, but I just love doing my blog, it helps me stay focused !! I LOVE having mum here, we are doing little projects together, She is busy making roses.