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Monday, April 22, 2013

Future Projects

Has anyone been watching the Great Britsh Sewing Bee...   isnt it great and very inspiring.  I am not exactly a brilliant sewer, but am very motivated and want so much to be.

So I have been spending a little bit of time looking out for fun, simple sewing projects.  I have added a few to my "future projects".  Take a little look.  The List includes simple dresses for Little R and a few simple but very cute bags.

I am not sure where to start but am itching to decide. Then Im going to run to the Delft Market on Thursday to buy some material.  They have such a lovely selection and I am in the mood for bold pretty prints. 

I do love this simple shoulder bag, and to be honest it looks simple enough for me.

   So what do you think ?     

You can find the details on this link:,r:30,s:200,i:94

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