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Friday, April 26, 2013

"Orange Madness" or Oranjegekte

Here in Holland is soon the Queens Birthday ( unofficial)  and on this day we have what is called Orange Madness ... or Oranjegekte ..   Here is a link for a little bit more detailed information for those interested.

So I have been working on my Orange Hobo Bag, with my lucky find in the Remnants Material Stand on the Delft Market yesterday.

Cut out the pattern

Do you like my new pins..

I had to make 2 because my remnant was not long enough to place on the fold.

BUT BEWARE .. don't do what I did, and cut it too short, when you join 2 pieces, remember to add seam allowance !!

Press seams flat
 I wanted to make the orange woolen material look a little different so I have used dark felting wool to couch onto it. It was my first time doing this technique, it was fun.  I think the secret is not to pull the cotton too tight but keep it rather loose. 

When its too tight it puckers a little ... can you see ?

I just followed the wool as it naturally lay on the material

Very relaxing work

Pin RIGHT sides together

This is where I realised that my two pieces didn't match ... Ahhh !   I just did some quick alteration with the scissors !

Once you have sewn down the sides of the handles, I turned it inside out

You can start to see the bag shape taking form

Then you need to work on the sides, turning the body pieces right side facing, (handles lay flat in the middle )

Most of the bag is done.... I just have to do the bottom.

Should I add a base or should I sew it Tote style ??

 Well probably wont have any  extra time to finish this today, as Little R is awake now and my gorgeous other three children are due home soon.  Time to put on all of my "Mummy" hats.

I will update you on the finished bag as soon as I can.  Until then, have a great day.  From MyLittleCorner

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  1. well Charlotte, it looks as though your handbag making days are returning!! Not a bad thing either.
    It looks as though it feels lovely to hold - and congrats on your couching :)