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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Progress with The Starling Handbag

I have made some progress on my Starling Handbag.  It was tricky at first as it starts with Foundation Single Crotchet .    I had no idea what that was and had never done it before !  The tutorial link on  was brilliant and I soon picked it up, she took it step by step.   So I followed along with my laptop and it all made sense.  ( Brilliant, thank you "futuregirl" )  I then carried on with the sides which was straight forward enough .. I am getting excited.  I am crocheting the small bag and am a little sorry I didn't do the large one, but I wanted to see how it turned out first.  I think its a little small but its still looking cute.  What do you think ??
So this is the foundation crotchet rows ... lots of markers to ensure you know where the corners are !

Do you like the material for the lining ?

Rows 3 and 4 ..  This is the base of the bag .... yeah !!

I was starting to think that this was just way too small. 

Then the sides started to grow , I use a hair clip as a marker for the beginning of the row.

The shape of the bag is coming nicely....
I'm not sure if I like the join here though.  This is where the slipstich and chain is on every row ! Mmmmm..
Well that's as far as I have got .. hopefully I will find some time today to get to the handles part of the pattern.   Maybe if Little R takes a long nap, I can sit with a lovely Movie, My Mum and crotchet together.  Sounds like Heaven to me.    Hope that you all have a lovely and productive day.  From MyLittleCorner.


  1. This is really looking fab! Wow, Charl, you are so talented and persistent !! I love reading your blog xx

  2. love it! Do you have an idea how to make the joining better? I have the same problem with my cupcake hat pattern, which I found as a freepattern on And do you know what weisted weight yarn means in german. `Cause my hat turned out way too small! enjoy the time with your mom!

  3. Hi Theresa. I think that worsted weight yarn is like double knitting, which is 8 ply. Im not sure about the joining problem but I am certainly going to try and find out. I have made some progress today with the bag and its so easy.. I will post pictures tomorrow. Would love to see pictures of your hat. (Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog !)