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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Remnants and Market Day

Remnants of wool material.....

Beautiful button

More remnants .. denim and printed cotton

Could not resist for 2 Euro

Beautiful ribbon

New Pins. 

A lovely morning spent in the Delft Market Place with Little R and Little E ( who had the morning off ).  We explored the fabric stalls and found lovely things.

The wool fabric is absolutely gorgeous and thick and was a steal for just 2 Euro.  Yeah !!   The button was more expensive than the material but it was so lovely I could not resist.  In my opinion the attention to detail is what makes things special. ( Wouldn't you agree ! )

The denim and matching cotton print was just screaming to be made into a bag, so what could I do but purchase it with a promise to do just that.

I have absolutely NO idea what to  make with the Chinese print silk, it jumped out to me during my rummaging  and I simply could not put it down.  So for just another 2 Euro it came home with me.

I cant wait to start creating .  I am going to start with the orange wool material.  (After all it is Hollands Queens Day tomorrow !! - their colour being Orange).  I will update you all as soon as possible.......

Hope your day is going well.  From MyLittleCorner

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