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Monday, April 22, 2013

While Little R is sleeping

Cute little Bag
A sad day for me today.  My lovely mum has left to go back to Britain.  I miss her already and all the wonderful crafts we did together.  So while Little R made her morning sleep, I decided to try out this pattern.,r:30,s:200,i:94

I must say that it was super easy and while I was making it I could already imagine all the possibilities for other fabrics and buttons and other gorgeous things.

The first thing I had to do was enlarge the pattern by 200%. and choose the fabric to use.

You can print it out in poster style and sellotape together.

I used some linen left over from some curtains I shortened and my new material from the Delft Market

The next step.  Cutting it all out. 

I pinned it on, the longest handle was on the fold

The same for the lining material.

Then you need to pin it together right sides facing each other

Like this.

Sew around the handle pieces.. but NOT the main body of the bag.

Clip the curves to de-stress the pull when you turn the bag inside out.

Start pulling the bag inside out working through the long handle.....  its a bit of work but keep going.

You can start to see the bag taking shape..

Nows a good time to get out the iron and iron the handles so that they are nice and flat.... ensuring that you get the points in the small handles.
Like this
 Ok.... good so far.  ( I told you it was easy peasy ! )   Now we need to work on the main part of the bag.  For this we need to fold the pieces right side facing with the handles in the middle and pin together.

Like this.

Pin around to ensure you keep the shape

Don't forget to snip the curved edges

Do the same with the lining side .. but make sure to leave an opening

Like this

Next.  lets pull the bag inside out..  
Like this.
DON'T forget to sew the opening.  It should be done by hand really but I was a little under time pressure.
This is what you have ...
Now its time to find something nice for the bag to close the small handles together.... 

A few buttons from my button tin

I chose this lovely ceramic flower button.  The colour I think matches well.

Yes, I'm pleased with that.

I made sure not to go all the way through, securing it only on the grey material.
You pull the large handle through the little handle and voila ... here is our little handbag.

What do you think?

The button detail .. close up

From the inside.  Its surprisingly roomy....
So Little R slept for about an hour and half.... yeah !!   and in that time I made this wonderful bag.  Let me know what you think?  Please try and make one yourself, if I can do it anyone can !!!   Good Luck.  If you have any questions just let me know.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as me ... from MyLittleCorner


  1. Lovely stylish bag, great choice of fabrics! Can't believe you did this in only 1,5 hours! Love Stefanie

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I enjoyed it and it was really very simple. xx

  2. I can't believe you made it in 1.5 hours either - its gorgeous!!
    You're very talented Charlotte, and I am looking forward to seeing what you will be making for little R :)
    I have enjoyed the Great British Sewing Bee too - well done Ann!!
    Love and hugs

  3. Thanks Jo., it really was very simple. I plan to go to Delt tomorrow to pick up some nice wool material to make another one,slightly different shape and hopefully with inspiration from "Ann" try some couching !! Updates coming soon.