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Friday, May 10, 2013

Baking with Mary Berry.

I think I need a break now from sewing !! 
So today Little R and my lovely S did a spot of baking.  I am definitely NOT the best baker in the world.  But the children have fun and most of the time all the baked goodies get eaten ( quite quickly ! ) so that's  a good sign.

I could not do any of it without a little help from the Expert herself ....  who is that I hear you ask ... well Mary Berry of course !!!!!
This little book was a wonderful gift from my Mum ( thanks mum ! ) You can find it on Amazon, here is the link ..

The recipes are super easy to follow and are great for people exactly like me !! 

So the next thing is all the ingredients .....

   I think that's everything.

here are my little helpers making pastry snakes.

We have made fairy cakes (page 27)
chocolate chip biscuits (page 237)
and lemon crispy cookies (page 226)

now for scones ( a packet mix ) and wholemeal bread (packet mix)  ...  well, I think its ok, the children have to follow the instructions and can make these things alone, great experience in my book.
Gorgeous and delicious too.

Crunchy and healthy ... great for soups and stews !

The last batch of baking was made entirely by scratch without any help by my lovely S ( Who is only 10) and I am so proud of her.  It really is true what the review (by Good Housekeeping) of the book says, some of the recipes are simple enough for children to make .... brilliant.

Chocolate Cookies  ( page 231)

We had quite a productive morning making yummy things.  ( Mmmm this was not a  good day to start a diet ! - but lets be fair when is a good day ? )

We kinda skipped Midday Lunch, because to be honest we were all full on lovely baked goods.  Instead we all took a wonderful or should I say stressful walk with the dog.  ( she is chasing the poor little moorhens and they are in mating season ! )  The children were besides themselves trying to stop her and save these lovely little darlings from having a heart attack !!

Still in our "Baking" mood we decided on homemade pizza for tea ..... and I mean homemade.

Made the dough ....

It surprisingly rolled out nicely.

A strip of mushroom, a strip of mushroom and ham, and a strip of plain cheese. 
So that's it ... a family sized Pizza, made with the last few mushrooms I had , after making mushroom chicken and rice, the last slice of ham from the sandwich pack and the rest of my Family Sized lump of cheese.  Not bad for a budget meal !! 

NOW I am absolutely done !!!!!  I'm not sure why people say that baking relaxes them.  It leaves me feeling drained and totally wiped out.   But I must say I do feel extremely satisfied and proud that we now have lots of cakes, biscuits and bread and that we are finishing off this baking day with a lovely warm Pizza .

Hoping you all had a great day.  Don't forget to check out Mary Berrys Book, you wont be disappointed.

From MyLittleCorner.


  1. love it all Charlotte! Wow,the pizza looks amazing! Well done you guys xx

    1. It was fun ! But definitely harder work than sewing !! :)

  2. You and Portia!
    You both have the same books
    And your kitchens must have been in unison yesterday!!