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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Busy doing some things

Its been a few days since I have posted anything. But I have been busy doing some things. I have been busy finding new material, busy working on my shop, busy knitting and busy thinking of new project ideas.  

Here are a few samples of the material that I have found. I think they would make great bags ...
what do you think ? 

This is woven material, very thick and heavy, a request from my 2 little girls for school bags. 

This is a lovely heavy black corduroy with gorgeous embroidery and bead work ! ( I love it )

This is a thin corduroy brown material with embroidery work

This material was just 2.00 Euro for over 3 Metres...  Any ideas what this could be good for ?

I have also been busy knitting.  I am at the moment working on a knitted fleece bag, its taking me a little bit of time because although I can knit ok, I am rather slow!!!!  But I don't mind, this project is for relaxing with at the end of the day and for thinking !!  

This is the felt wool.  What do you think ?

You start with the base and cast on 34 Stitches and knit for 34 rows.

Easy so far ... ( don't forget to use circular needles )

Then you cast on 16 on the side, 34 on the back, and another 16 on the side. ( makes 100 stitches)

Then simply knit and knit and knit .....

You can see the sides developing ... just keep going until you have 100 rows ( phew ! )

I marked the first row with a paper-clip so I can count the rows properly...
I will of course let you know how it turns out ... I am only on the 25th row, so I have a way to go yet. 

Hope that your all busy doing what you love too.   From MyLittleCorner.


  1. Great fabric finds!
    Why don't you try to make something for yourself with the 3 meters? Skirt - tunic??
    And I love the colour of the wool Charlotte!

    1. I know Jo., the fabrics are great arent they ? I was actually looking at some Japenese Dress Making Books on Amazon for something for the blue embroidered fabric.... Hopefully I will find something nice. :)