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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finished (almost) .... Music Satchel (Part 3 )

Finished ... ( almost )
I have (almost) finished the Music Satchel, just need to secure the handles properly and then its finished.  Phew !!

But it wasn't all plain sailing.  Having made the pattern myself and being "totally" new to that aspect, I discovered along the way that I made a few (Silly!) Mistakes .  Oh well, it was to be expected I guess.

Decided to use these rings to make the straps a bit more secure.

I did it like this, but later didn't really like how it turned out.  Need to think of a better way for next time. 

Then I realised I should have added the Velcro to the Flap before joining it !!   Ahhh.. 

Then I realised something else ... I had to leave a gap in the lining in order to pull the bag through !!   Ahhh !!
 Things were a little bleak at this point, and a little frustrating, but oh well, its a learning process.

Continued to pin the main part of the bag and lining together and to sew (tricky!)

Then pull it through the hole (previously unpicked !! ) 

Here we go, after a little iron I guess it has not turned out too bad.  What do you think ?    I enjoyed making this Music bag for my lovely L, she loves it too.

Which is actually the point isn't it ? 

The inside pocket.

Because both fabrics were quite thick it is really stable.

Inside view ... also you can see that the handles are not quite finished.

Phew , at least its a good size for files and books .... 

Well another project finished (almost)  It was fun and I am learning a lot about making bags.  I would "LOVE" to do a bag making and designing course.  I think that I am  going to have to settle for an investment  in the book The Bag Making Bible. 
This is a link direct to Amazon so you can have a little look.

 ( Go on, you know you want to ! )

It is written by a brilliant author, her blog is also great and has so many great tips for bag making. 

( take a look )

Hope that you enjoyed following this little project with me.  From MyLittleCorner.


  1. Love the bag! Congratulations on your very own design! I think you can write your own bag making bible! Love Stefanie

    1. Thank you Stephanie, although there are a few things I should probably have done differently. Glad that you like it though. xx Lots of love.

  2. Wow, well done! I've adapted other peoples patterns before but never designed my own. I too am a big fan of Lisa at u-handbag, I have two of her books and they are crammed with gorgeous patterns, tips and ideas. I just need a few 36 hour days to have the time to make them all!!

    1. Thank you Louise, Im glad that you liked it. Making the pattern was not that hard really, but my lack of experience caught me out a few times !! I am definitely treating myself to the books from Lisa at u-handbag, her work is lovely isnt it. I enjoy making bags, they are such fun.