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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday with Felted Slippers

I love making and creating, but I enjoy it the best when I am making a gift for someone I love.  Its just such a different feeling, it is more satisfying.    Today is my lovely nephews birthday.  I made these with him in mind.  He is a writer, he is a poet, he is an artist, he is a musician.  He studies English and spends most of his time in the comfort of his surroundings doing the things that he loves and that make him so special.   Like him, I wanted these slippers to be unique which is why I added the flap and hand drilled driftwood for buttons.   Happy Birthday my lovely Nephew.  
They might not look like it, but they are so easy to make.. if you can knit garter stitch, and use 5 needles, then you can knit these lovely  comfy slippers.

I love the colour red with the grey .  

With a small drill I made some buttons from driftwood

100 % Natural . 

Like I said the pattern is easy and is ideal for a beginner.  The pattern is not mine it is from a German site, Lana Grassa.  You can click here for the free pdf pattern. Of course the shoe size is European and it is written in German.  

But if you remember the following :- ( on the table )

A = How many stitches you cast onto 2 needles.
B = How many rows you knit in Garter Stitch
C = Before you start :- divide equally on 4 double pointed needles .. and then knit this many rows
D = Decrease round for the top .
E = This is the desired length of the finished shoe.

And there you have it ... a wonderful pattern for felted slippers.  The pattern allows you to make wonderful slippers for children or adults and I think that they make great gifts for Christmas ( or in my case Birthdays )

Good Luck. !!    From MyLittleCorner




  1. These are lovely! You have elevated the humble slippers as presents to 'Wow, thanks!' status!

  2. Thank you Louise... he really liked them ! So I am happy.

  3. Ha! He has not taken them off since he opened them!! He says they are like wearing comfy socks :)
    Thank you Charlotte!!

    1. I am so glad that they fit and that he likes them, I thought he would. xx Love you all. xx