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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Music Satchel (Part 2)

So everything  is cut out ... just need to start sewing .  Here goes.....  Gulp !!   ( Will it work,will it work, I don't know, I just don't know ! )  . Only one way to find out.

First things first, lets sew the edges ..  I don't have an overlock machine so I zigzagged the edges to stop the fraying because the material is woven.   ( I think that will do ! ) 

zigzag zigzag zigzag zigzag  

Lets start with the flap, its the easiest part ... here we go.

Pin it, sew it (don't forget right sides together )

clip the corners

leave an opening so you can turn it inside out

Now, lets be brave and start the body of the bag ....

Looking ok so far..

Turn it the right way

Oops, lets iron out the seams first.  There you go.

Now for the lining.  First I want to add a pocket for the inside.  Lets do that first.

That was easy enough

It looks quite good I think 

So now we need to do the handle. 

I tried pulling it inside out with a pin and ribbon ( didn't work !! )

Had to do it the hard way and it took forever !!!!!

But finally it worked and I then run 2 lines down the strip to make it more stable. 
 So what do we have so far......

The main body part, the flap, the lining and the strap.

Not bad.  Now comes the difficult part, sewing it all together to make a bag that is strong enough to carry all of Little L.s music .  

Need a bit of thinking time now.

Do I sew the strap directly on, or should I use some kind of hooks?
Should I use Velcro to the flap ?  Yikes !! Should have probably thought of that before !!!
Do I sew the handles inside the lining ?
Or...  on the outside using a cross stitching for strength ??

Ok, this is as far as I have got....  I will show the finished result ( hopefully ) in Music Satchel (part 3 ) Post... coming soon (again hopefully). 

From MyLittleCorner. 


  1. Lovely Charlotte!
    Lizzie must be excited to see it finished - as am I

    1. She was ... I have now finished it and she is super happy. You know Liz She loves to be original and arty, so perfect for Music School. xx

  2. Awesome fabric, this bag is going to be fab! I would probably go for an outside strap with stitching for strength. Tabs with D rings and trigger hooks to attach the strap would give an edgier feel.

    1. Thank you Louise. I wish I had read your comment before I finished it ... I am thinking however of changing the rings for d Hooks I think your right. The fabric was from the Market at Delft, in the Netherlands. Im so glad that you like it.