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Monday, May 20, 2013

Rain in May

It has rained and rained all day today.  It is supposed to be May !!  On one side I am missing the sun so much and need it to feel warm and happy.   On the other side, there is nothing I like more than to sit with a blanket, on my comfy sofa, while its raining and do my crochet.

 This is the view out of my window, from my sofa, where I crochet, into my garden. 

So today I have managed to do  more on my latest project.  Although I am not too sure if I like it....( I think that it would have looked better in a 100% cotton, because it would hold the pattern more.)  But I am determined to finish it and then make my judgment.  ( I have been so tempted to undo it so many times today!!! ) 

Here it is so far.  It is very soft which is ideal for its purpose, but the stitch is rather loose and I am not sure if I like it !! Mmmmm

It has been knitted in the back loop of each stitch which creates a ribbed effect.

I am  enjoying using my hook again.  There is something rhythmic about crochet that I just love.  It relaxes me.  So in a way I am happy that it rained all day today, it gave me the chance to sit comfortably on my sofa and crochet.  

Did you get the chance to do something you loved today ?    From MyLittleCorner


  1. I've been neglecting my blog reading - so sorry!
    Your project looks beautiful and so soft.