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Thursday, May 16, 2013

What can I say ?

They say that pictures say a thousand words so take a look !!

Crochet was relaxing and simple.  I found a perfect pot to put it on (upside down) to keep the shape .... sprayed and ....

Yikes !   It didn't work.  Mmmm... What now ??
 My first thought was . "that's a waste of lovely wool and time" ( both of which I hate wasting ) , but then I realised I had actually made the perfect basket lining.  Now I just have to find a basket to fit it !!  :)

Never mind.  Something experienced is certainly not wasted.  Next time I will be sure to use the correct type of wool. 

In the meantime I have started making a cute little dummy/pacifier holder.  I think it will be cute.

Lets see how this one turns out !!


  1. Aw, that's sooo frustrating isn't it!!? I suspect I may be heading for a similar disaster! Such a lovely blue too.

  2. I know it really was ... Oh well. I hope for you that yours turns out ok. I am just wondering what type of wool to use !! Any ideas??

  3. Perhaps if you line it with fabric, and turn it over at the top a little - it may be strong enough to stand something sturdy in? It looks like a great plant holder to me!!

    1. Nice idea Jo., maybe I will try this....