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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All things natural.

Spent a lovely afternoon with the children at the forest ( am so mad that I forgot my camera !! ) so unfortunately no pictures ...  Ahhhh!!!  Nevertheless, we enjoyed spending a few hours away from city life to take in the gorgeous greenery of nature.  The weather was warm and the atmosphere was so uplifting.  Our family dog Maya also enjoyed the freedom of roaming around and catching sticks.  I must do it more often.

 I love the way the sun shines through the herbs on my kitchen windowsill.

  Little R enjoying the natural feel of the sand upon her feet in our small little garden.

 A few naturally pretty things from my garden..

 This was something special that we found on our walk through the forest... the children believe it is a door to a fairy tree house ... the natural formation of the wood and the door handle was fantastic and we all had such fun chatting about it together and making up fantasy stories.
 Little R playing with a stick she proudly carried through the forest all the way home !!

I just love nature and the calming effect it has on me.  So you can imagine how I am enjoying myself on my latest project. 

My Lovely Sister from JoyPureandSimple, sent me some remnants of wool that she has dyed herself using red onion skins, avocado and cabbage ... aren't they brilliant !!!!

They are not all the same weight so I have sorted them out and am trying to make something just as special out of them.....   What fun !  

I simply LOVE the natural colours, it makes these tiny squares so much fun.   I decided to do all the yarn weaving at the same time, I must admit I usually leave it all to the end, but the thought of loads of teeny tiny squares and all those loose ends !!!!  Lets see how many I can get down tonight.

By the way,  I found a wonderful tutorial by Crochet Nirvana  on Invisable joining
Take a look, its very good.

I wish you all a wonderful evening and hope that you are able too take in a little bit of the natural beauty around you.   From MyLittleCorner 


  1. That fairy door is wonderful, so many stories hiding behind it! Such beautiful wool too, it makes me want to dash off and try dying ( some wool, I mean, not me lol) Note to self - you do not need a new project - repeat - you do NOT need a new project!!

    1. :) The fairy door is fabulous isnt it ?? My oldest daughter just loves fairies and fantasy ...

  2. Well they are looking really lovely Charlotte! Well done!
    It's raining and grey here today - hope you are having better weather!

    1. The weather is warm and stuffy but grey and drizzly, so its hard to tell. But I am enjoying working with your wool so much, I have a few ideas what to create with them... hope it works out like I imagine !! :)