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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Babies Bunting and a Blanket

I had a lovely morning, it started with a long overdue visit to the hairdressers, where I underwent quite a transformation...... instead of long brown/grey hair, I now have shoulder length blond highlighted hair...quite a difference  ! 

Then I had the absolute privilege to meet and cwtch a little newborn, Baby J, who is just so adorable.  Don't you just love their little fingers, and their gorgeous little trusting  eyes looking at you !  I have really enjoyed making a few things for her, all the time wondering what she would look like and with the excitement of meeting her.

Take a look ...
A simple but I think effective card, especially for a New Baby Girl.... the heart for this card was a great free pattern and was simple to make.   You can find it here on PlanetJunes Craft Blog.  She has a few free patterns and she is certainly worth checking out.
The simple stitch square blanket, with a gorgeous Edwardian Border was such a delight to make.  I almost felt sad when it came to an end.  It was so methodical and the stitches so neat and small.  The border turned out just as I wanted.  I think it complements the simplicity of the blanket, turning it into something a bit more special. What do you think ?                       

Then there is Bunting.
To me nothing quite says 'Hurray Congratulations', like bunting.  So with this in mind, and the great joy I was feeling for friends who have been blessed with this little miracle, I had to make some baby bunting.  It was so easy to make and took no time at all.   I joined them together with a simple sc and chains in between.   I will post the pattern for this triangle in a later blog I am sure you will love it.
Then wrapped together with a little rose and a decorated coat hanger to match. 
What do you think ?

The coat hanger and the rose I have shown before on my blog.   If you want to check out the rose pattern you can find it here.   The coat hanger is simply covered using a simple back and forth sc until you reach the desired height.. and then crotchet together while on the hanger. ( see simple ! )

I hope that you have enjoyed this day as much as me.

From MyLittleCorner


  1. Beautiful!! Such a special present, obviously made and given with love :)

  2. Hi Charlotte, I feel so honoured, that you made this lovely presents for Josefien! The bunting is hanging in the nursery and I use the blanket to keep her (and me:-)) warm at night when I hold her. It is a gorgous design, the pattern, edge and coulours. Did you made up the edging yourself, its lovely! I made some pictures I will pist them on facebook. i have no idea how to put them here. Thank you so much. Lots of love Stefanie

  3. Your so welcome ... I loved every minute of it , and to know that you are enjoying them makes me happy..

  4. Very lucky baby indeed!
    Gorgeous gifts Charlotte :)