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Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Blues

My Lovely Little R has been so poorly today, having a temperature reaching 39.5!!!   She has really got the baby blues!!  I have felt so sorry for her, she has tried very hard to put on a brave face, but her little body has been aching, her throat is sore and she is just so exhausted.  Her MMR injections have really hit her hard and I am just waiting for it all to end.

She was so good and tolerant when I had to scoop her up for the school run and even allowed me 5  minutes to run into my favorite place and pick up some lovely new balls of wool. 

I wanted something to go with these darling little shoes !! Aren't they simply gorgeous.  I needed a quick present for a new baby boy, and what says Baby Boys better than Blues and Stars. 

I have already started  making a  Beanie Hat. I was thinking on the main body being blue, with a nice red stripe and a light blue star in the middle.   What are your thoughts ?  I don't have a pattern so lets hope it works out ok ! I was a bit worried about working out the size but then I stumbled across a nice little hat size chart here on ( definitely handy to know)

Lovely R lets me sit next to her and crochet, so we are both happy.  She has her Peppa Pig and Alphablocks playing away, and I have my new wool and imaginations of a new hat pattern.  

I do hope that tomorrow she feels more like herself.  I guess you don't realise how much you miss their chatty busyness until they are quite and still.

Wishing you all well.  From MyLittleCorner

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  1. Those injections really knock them about!
    I hope she is feeling more like herself soon - and giving you the run around!!
    Love and Hugs