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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bunting for Yarndale

I am sure many of you know Lucy from Attic24 and for those who don't, I would highly recommend visiting her.   She has been working on Bunting for Yarndale

Doesn't it look great !!   So now that my latest project is finished (photos coming soon ) I am joining in on the fun.   For no other reason than to help out a fellow blogger, a blogger that has inspired and motivated me so much.  ( Well of course the thought of having a few of my triangles hanging there proudly with the others is also exciting and irresistible !!)

The pattern for the triangles is so easy peasy ... even a very new beginner to crochet would be able to do it.  You can find the pattern here on her blog . (Pattern for Triangle for Bunting)  It is a great tutorial, with pictures and is super easy to follow.  Once you have done one, you will not even need to look at the pattern again.

I have decided to use all my odds and ends left over from other projects.

I had a few moments this afternoon while Little R slept.  She had her MMR Injections 2 weeks ago and has been quite poorly since, so her afternoon naps seem to have been restored.   I feel sad on one side for her, but quite pleased to have an hour to myself.

During this hour I decided to be quite productive and start on the Bunting for Yarndale.

I managed to make 6 while she slept .  Of course I still need to darn in all the loose ends and steam them ( just like Lucy suggested) so I can get the lovely pointy edges ... and I think they are going to look lovely.  I have to be honest they are a little addictive.  I have found myself eager for bedtime so I can get comfy on my sofa and make some more.

I think that I will make some for my Little R and Little S,s room. 

Why don't you join in on the fun?  I hope you do.  From MyLittleCorner


  1. I'm desperately making a granny squares blanket for my daughter to take to uni otherwise I'd be giving these a try!

  2. oh, I cant wait to see it ... will you be posting pictures ?

    1. Yes - if I ever get it finished and don't get sidetracked lol! Perhaps I need to post a 'so far' piccy.