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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Feels like Summer

The sun is shining and I have been enjoying my lovely little garden. 

It starts to feel like Summer and I love it.

You might not think so because its just small, but I spent the whole day yesterday cleaning up and weeding in the garden.  It was lovely to be outdoors .

I am still working on my little crochet project and hopefully another day or so and it will be finished.  (Pictures and details will follow along with a pattern !! )  I am working on a really pretty border and I think it will finish it off wonderfully.

Then I hope to free up some time to start making Bunting.   I am sure most of you know Lucy from Attic24 , she has started making crochet bunting and I want to be able to do a few as well.  If you check out her blog she has a very simple pattern, it seems easy to follow.   It has also put me in the mood to make some for the children's room too.  

I hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine and doing something that you love today.

 Love from MyLittleCorner

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