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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just in case...

This is something that I have been wanting to do for the longest time. 

A 72 Hour Survival kit for the whole family.  For a family of 6, I thought it would be an enormous task.  It turned out that it was quite simple to organise and put together, although it was a lot of work and has taken me 2 days so far.

I started off this task by collecting all the spare Backpacks from around the house.  Turned out that I had enough.  Who would have thought ?

Then I started to think about the 4 Basic things we would need ...

1.  Water 
2.  Food 
3.  Shelter/Warmth
4.  Medical Supplies

Water - this is the most important thing.  Without water, you just simply cannot survive.  Each person of the household would need minimum 2 Litres of drinking water a day.  On top of that the means to store more water and purify it.
 These two water bottles are great, they are capable of filtering even lake water.  Together with these I purchased two collapsible water containers , each able to carry 1 Gallon of Water.
Each member of the family has 2 Litres of Water per day, and so does the dog.

Food was the next thing... I had to try and figure out the best way to do this.  I made sure that everything had an expiry date of over 4 months... this way I didn't have to check the backpacks too often.  Most even had dates for over 1 year. ( Unfortunately the bread and Vitamin Drink expired in 4 months ) 

I think the Menu has to be individual to suit your families needs and likes.  I put together individual packs for the breakfasts, breaks, and treats.  These would go in everyones backpack.  The main food I stored in "dads" backpack.  ( Thanks Dad ! )
List of items ..
3  Fruit and Go
3 Fruit Bars
Dark Bread ( exp 4 months)
Cheese Spread ( exp 1 year )
Box of Raisins
2 Chocolate Muesli Bars
Packet Tomato Soup
Tic Tacs ( Orange Flav)
Fruit Mentos
Dextro Energy Tablets.
Vitamin Drink
Chocolate Milk Drink

(Main Dinners)  Stored in Dads Backpack include, Smash, Beans, Tinned Meatballs, Foil Packed Hamburgers, Foil Packed Tuna, Tinned Sausages.

I wanted each of the children's backpack to be the same, and to be as independent from us as possible.  I included Emergency Kit, Toiletry Kit, Food Kit, Entertainment and a change of clothes.
Emergency Kit:  This includes, Yellow Vest, Reflector Armband, Dust Masks, Rain Poncho, Insect Repellent Arm Band and a wind up torch.  ( I want to include a whistle too... but didn't yet ! )

Toiletry Kit: 3 Tissues ( to be used for toilet paper) Toothpaste/Toothbrush, Disposable wash cloth, Disinfectant Wipe, Shampoo/Shower Gel, 1 dose of paracetamol, 2 plasters.

Change of Clothes.  Packed in a bag ( I used a swimming bag, a plastic bag would do too ) ,  Leggings, long sleeved T.Shirt, vest, underwear, and socks.

Entertainment Kit: Pencils, Notebook, Playing Cards, Small information book.
Had to think of our lovely Maya.  3 Individually packed Food Allowance.  Water ( With drinking bottle) , Dog Pass including all her injections information.

I thought about light, warmth and cooking.  I have a small gas stove.  2 Cylinders for each day.  3 Candles that burn for up to 10 hours each.  3 Logs that burn for 2/3 hours each.  I also included Plastic/Paper plates, cutlery and cooking foils.
For my Backpack I had to think of our youngest Little R.  Of course I would need Nappies, Wipes a Dummy, Cuddly Toy, a Headlamp, so I have hands free ability. 

And in my toiletry supplies I included ST,s, Hand Disinfectant Gel, Clothes Wash, Sun Screen Factor 50, and a few extra tissues and creams.
I included a clap down box... easy to store and assemble to fill the car with the bits and bots not in Backpacks....
Extras for "Dads" Backpack include items like .  Wind Up Torch ( Large) Head Lamp, Fire Blanket, Rubbish Bags x3, Flint for starting fires, Lighter, Rope, Clamps, Knife, Working Gloves, Map of the Netherlands, ( Spare Glasses !! ) , Compass, Duct Tape, Plastic Sheet..  I have also ordered a wind up radio and a Foldaway Shovel and Pic.. ( I think that this covers most of the basics )  If I have missed anything, please let me  know. 
The next thing to put together is a medical kit.  You can buy really good ones, or you can put one together yourself.  ( Like I have )  Try to think of all the things you would need for your family and make sure you include prescription medications.

So that was it really...  Time to put it all in a place that can be easily reached .

The final thing I need to do is to prepare a file of all the paperwork.  I plan on copying everything, and organising it in a nice folder.  I want to make contact cards on neck chains for the children, to include names, address, emergency telephone numbers, mobile numbers and a recent photo of the family.   I also want to ensure that each Backpack has an amount of cash.   I have bought waterproof document holders to hold passports, keys, mobiles ect ...

I'm not sure how I managed to get everything together so fast.  Maybe the thought of "in case ", kept me motivated.   There has been so many incidents around the world lately, that have made me think, "what if", it gives me a sense of security knowing that now I can say .. we have this "just in case".

From MyLittleCorner


  1. Hi Charlotte, my children's pack include identity badges and necklaces. These are laminated and include name, date of birth, medical needs/allergies, next of kin, family contact details overseas and church details. Their passport numbers are also recorded. I felt this would be really helpful if ever separated from me in an emergency. My family details overseas are recorded so they are contactable should any dire emergency occur. I laminate these, they are credit card sized, one is hole punched and on elastic, the other is same size but with safety pin clasp. It gives me peace of mind.
    From Donna (from Merthyr ward)

  2. Hi Donna. That sounds great, I will try and make something similar too.
    Do you have anything else in your packs that I have forgotten ?

  3. Wow! This looks AMAZING!
    I hope you don't have to use it though ;)

  4. Hi there

    I am not sure how I found you, but this post really inspired me. One of my friends said, that she also had info on neck chains but she also said that incase a child got separated and lost the neck chain she also had a sharpie pen, if it got busy and they were in danger of getting lost, she would write on their backs, all of the details on the card.

    Could you tell me where you stored it all. We are finding it hard to find a place for it to all live

    1. I know storage can be difficult, it needs to be in a place that you can get to easily ... we have a cupboard under the stairs, I had to clear it out first , you will be surprised what kind of rubbish I found stored under there .... Glad you liked the post. I think its important to be prepared. Great tips on the contact details. I like the idea of writing on their backs.... Good Luck with preparing your 72 Hour Kit.