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Friday, June 14, 2013

Ready to post for Yarndale.

I have made a few more lovely triangles for the Yarndale Bunting Project run by Lucy from Attic24.  They are all now ready to post ( just waiting for confirmation of the PO Box address )

The steam iron method of blocking is truly brilliant, you are left with gorgeous flat pointy triangles, perfect for lovely Bunting. You can check this out on her blog... just click her blog title.   I made sure that each triangle was the required length of 7 inches, and there you have it.   What do you think ?

Making these little triangles was a lot of fun and turned out to be rather a fast project.  So many people have joined in the fun and have started posting their photos of their triangles on flicker .... have a look and see.. there are so many different colours.  They look wonderful don't they.  I must admit I have  little bubbles of excitement in my tummy knowing that my work will be hanging amongst so many talented hookers .... and although I wont be attending Yarndale, I will be participating in some way.  

Did you get the chance to make a few ?  Hope that you have all had a great day, and was able to grab a few precious moments for yourself.

From MyLittleCroner

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