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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things I have enjoyed today.

Yes, the sun is still shining.   Yeah !!   Doesn't the world just seem like a different place when the sun shines ?   

I find myself motivated to do a few more jobs around the house and I seem to notice the beautiful things around me much more.

Here are a few things I have enjoyed today.

  I love watching Little R being the busy bee that she is ....  

Her painting ended up being all over her little leg as well.  

I love taking some time to relax and talk to little R.  We enjoyed painting our toe nails together today. 

Working on my latest crochet ... almost finished !!!! 

Then of course with the sunshine comes the Slushys ..... 

Took a little walk to collect 2 of my children from primary school ... slushys are a need in this weather...

Love the little red tongue !!  
The small canal on my street.
What better way to finish off the day than homemade cookies and crochet  ....  The cookies are the work of my lovely S, who is becoming quite the cook.  She is only 10 years old and she makes the best cookies in the world !!!!

Mary Berry Recipe.  Page 231 "Chocolate Biscuits "  

 An absolute brilliant book, that is super easy for children to follow.   Click on the Title  :- Mary Berrys Fast Cakes

My Crochet

The border is coming on nicely, and I have a few more rows to finish it off.  I hope that it works out as I imagine it in my head .  ( Things don't always ! )  Hopefully, I will post the completed work soon. 

Have you have enjoyed lots of things today too ? Has the sunshine lifted you up and allowed you to see the beauty in all the things around you.  I hope so.

Love from   MyLittleCorner


  1. such lovely photographs!
    Looks as though you have the most perfect day!
    Love little R's red tongue :)
    And S can cook us up a batch when she comes to visit!!

    1. It was a lovely day Jo. and Sarah will love to bake some cookies
      when she comes home. They really are yummy.

  2. Yes, everything seems better when the sun shines! My garden is all of a sudden lovely (if you don't look too closely for weeds!) I should take my crochet outside like you, instead of falling asleep on my back and delighting the family with my snoring!!
    Can't wait to see what your latest creation is :)