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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Its the 2nd Day today that Lizzy has been gone.  Sigh !!  At least I started the day off bright and early ... Hhhmmm... OK OK I started the day getting up late and rushing around to get the children to school.  Grabbing my shopping list and my Yarndale Triangles because I want to post them today without fail !!!  And rushing out the door.   For those wondering what Yarndale Triangles are, check out Lucys Blog,  Attic24  here.   

 I am very happy to be a very small part of all the fun.   (Thanks Lucy)

Looking at them again reminded me just how lovely they were and how I wanted to make some too for the children's room !!  ( So many things I want to start making )  
After Little R and I finally got everyone to school and made our trip to the Post Office, I decided to make the most of the Sunny Weather and do a spot of weeding, its such a small patch that it took no time at all, but it was certainly lovely to work amongst the Lavender.

Just dreaming of living on a Lavender Farm ...

Of course on such a lovely day washing has to be done and hung outside.  I LOVE the smell of washing that has dried outside, but to be honest it does make for a lot more ironing.  I'm a bit of a lazy ironer, and only iron what is absolutely necessary, the dryer normally does most of my work.  But I didn't mind too much because Little R,s dresses are so cute and I love the prints.

Next a little time for a bit of relaxation while Little R has her afternoon Naps, this gives me about an hour.  Yeah!!!   time for Crochet. ( Love Afternoon Nap Time)

I am at the moment trying out lots of new stitches and making face clothes with them.  I found this one here on a lovely blog Petals to Picots.  I am sure that you know it, but if not its a lovely blog definitely worth looking at.

  The stitch is so simple that once you have done one row, you can simply crochet away in peace and relax, just love those types of stitches.  If you can do Sc and Dc then you can do this pattern. 

 School pick up time just comes by so fast and I had to put down my lovely crochet until later on.  In the meantime a mad dash to the school to collect Lovely S and Gorgeous S . (Why am I always late !!)  

Quite spur of the moment I decided to take the dog and the children to the forest.  I thought the fresh air would do them good, and if I am honest I hoped that the fresh air would put Little R back in the mood to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. 

 I just love the green and the tranquility that you find here.  When you live in a city like The Hague this type of surrounding is precious.

Phew !   What a day it has been 2Day.  I seem to have manged to get through the second day without my lovely E.  She is such a HUGE miss around here and I am seriously counting the hours until I get her back.

But I guess now its time to sit and relax and be grateful that the fresh air actually worked on Little R who is tucked up nicely in bed.   I am going to make myself a lovely drink and look through the pages of this delightful book. 

A Birthday Present from my lovely hubby that arrived a little late from Amazon.  

I wish you all a lovely evening and hope that your Day has been a great one 2.

 Lots of love from MyLittleCorner

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