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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Feet and hands

I am having so much fun here in England and it has made me a little homesick to be honest.  My sisters home is full of family ( mostly children under 12 ) it is wonderful .

 So many children, all with different ideas, talents and personalities. Just like these colours in Little R,s pack of much loved pencils.

The children have been so busy occupying themselves but  we managed to find some time for a little craftiness together. 

I am making a birthday present for one of my brothers ( I say one because I have 4 ) and the children joined in making book marks using the same technique.  It was perfect to do a little inside fun especially as at the moment we are experiencing a few Summer Showers.  ( Details of the finished present will be shown soon !! )

As soon as the sun came out, 28 little feet could be heard running towards the garden where they enjoyed a bit of face and hand painting.

We have a special day planned for tomorrow as one of the children has a 4th Birthday.  It is going to be so lovely to celebrate with her and join in on all the festivities. 

Wishing you all lots of love  From MyLittleCorner


  1. It looks like you are having such a wonderful time with your sister. I love it when I get together with my sisters and their kids - it's so nice to see all the cousins playing together. x

  2. As we live in Northumberland and my brother's family live in Cheshire we don't see each other very often. Even so, the (now grown up)children all keep in touch via Facebook etc. and get on great together when we meet up at Mum's. Seems that maybe blood is thicker than water after all!