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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Letting Go

Today has been a day of very mixed emotions.  My Lovely E who is only 11,  is a very gifted pianist and I am so very proud of her.

Today the family drove to Laag-Keppel, its in the East of Holland, where she will stay with the Baron and Baroness, in a castle.( Kastel Keppel).   Isn't it amazing!!  The children believe it is almost like Hogwarts. ( For all those who are not Harry Potter Fans, its the school of Magic in the Harry Potter Film )

She will stay for a whole week along with other very musically talented children.  She will be coached and trained and enjoy a wonderful week of freedom with her Music.   There are 8 new Grand Pianos ready and waiting for these brilliant children to practise on.  I know I keep saying it but, "Isn't it amazing!".

This wonderful home has been generously offered to these gifted children, so that they can enjoy their Music in restful, beautiful surroundings.  Something that they all deserve after a year of hard work, practise, concerts and exams.  My Little E attends the Music Conservatory here in The Hague and it has been a very busy year for her.

My other three children enjoyed the space and loved running around on these fabulous grounds.  Little R and S were fascinated with the water that surrounded the Castle.

 I am so very happy for her and full of admiration for her, but my heart aches as I learn the tough lesson of "letting go".   I DON'T like it at all.

The inside of the house was just as beautiful, although we only had the chance to see the entrance.  Lizzy was shown her room and I watched as she run off with excitement.    What a wonderful experience she has ahead of her.

I miss her so much already and am eagerly awaiting her phone calls. 

Have fun my Lovely E....   Lots of Love Mum from MyLittleCorner

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic opportunity for your daughter, but a difficult time for you. Just keep thinking of all the wonderful things she will tell you about when she gets home (and cuddle the other three that little bit more!!)