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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rain and Rainbows

Its Raining AGAIN !!!  What is up with June ?  I am sure ALL of you are just as fed up as me with the small glimpses of Summer that we are having.

That is except for my Little R who is loving having the chance to jump in all the wonderful puddles.

And feeding the Ducks in the rain .......

Great fun for her ! ( and for me watching her .)

Then again without the rain there would never be rainbows !!  A world without the wonderful colours of the rainbow would be no world at all.  Don't you think ?

With these thoughts in mind and the wonderful rainbow cardy of my Little R, I was motivated last night to start making this......  A wonderful free pattern, for the cutest little bag ever .. you can find it here.


It is such a fun and easy pattern.  I have managed to crochet the main part of the purse during Little Rs Nap time yesterday and today.  For those with more undisturbed time, this cute little purse can be made up in about 2/3 hours.

 The colours that I used are not the same, to be honest, I used what I had ... 
but I think that it still looks lovely and rainbowy

 Darning in  all the loose ends...

Next I  need to darn the handle in place.  

Almost finished ... need to add some lovely beads and a button.

I just love the bottom of this little bag. 

Here we have it..... finished.  TaDa !!!  
What a fun project to do especially in the rain, it reminded me that "after the rain comes the rainbow".

Hope that there are lots of rainbows in your day.   Love from MyLittleCorner


  1. My goodness, that's one enormous dog!!!

    1. Yes she is , but she is a darling . :)

  2. Lovely bag! I saw ths pattern too on my facebook page and boookmarked it! Some day in the future, when I will have time again, I'd like to have a go! Which type if yarn did you use, 100% cotton? Great color combinations and as always, what a beautiful photo's! Liefs Stefanie

    1. Thanks Stefanie, yes I used 100 % Cotton, its so easy to work with. Im glad that you like it. It was really quick to make, but I totally get that at the moment you probably dont have 5 mins. !! Kisses to little J and E. xx