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Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunshine and Strawberries

The Sun has been shining all day today and the day has been wonderful.  Although I am missing my lovely E so much.  SIGH !!   As a distraction I decided to take Little R to the park to meet the children for Dinner.  What could be better than a picnic in the sunshine with strawberries at the park ...  

Maya always welcomes a distraction and loves to sit around in open spaces.  I am sure that she misses her former home in Germany where she had a great big garden... now all she has is a little tiny back yard.

Gorgeous S eating Fairy Cakes ... Mmmmm I think even before his Ham Rolls.
 Little R taking out all the Ham from her Rolls
 Lovely S sharing the strawberries with me.
 The park is right next to the school and it is a wonderful distraction.  I sat in the shade while the children played and I thought of my Lovely E...  I miss her .... SIGH !!!!!
Little R LOVES sand and sat there for ages playing and playing.

By the time we got home, Little R had fallen asleep and I was still not distracted enough to stop thinking of my Lovely L, so decided to end the evening at the beach.  What better way to enjoy the last few hours of sunshine than the beach.  Maya thought she was in heaven, two major outings in one day.

Lovely S is our brave one and ventured into the Sea... it was warm, but not warm enough for me. ( Im a bit of a chicken when it comes to cold water !! )

What a Brilliant View.  There is nothing more calming than sitting in front of the ocean.  My thoughts were cleared, my worries were relaxed.  Still missing her though  !!  SIGH !!  Normally when we are on the beach Lovely E sings and dances all over the place, this evening was strangely quiet.

 She just simply LOVES sand ..

Today was a day of Sunshine and Strawberries.   Things always seem better with Sunshine and Strawberries don't they. 

Received a telephone call from my darling darling E, she is happy and having a wonderful time.  Phew !  Now I can sleep in peace.

I hope that you have all found a way to enjoy the Sunshine.   Lots of love.  MyLittleCorner

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