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Friday, August 30, 2013

A lovely day.

My lovely little R turned 2 today.  It has been a wonderful day watching the joy and excitement in her beautiful face all day.

The preparations actually started last night, her big sister S (who loves to bake) made her Birthday Cake. I love how I can just trust her in the Kitchen knowing that she will  make a wonderful cake without too much assistance. 

We decorated it ( as best we could ) like Iggle Piggle.  We are certainly not the best decorators but our birthday girl was so delighted with the results.
My Little Boy S wanted to make something special for R, so we set about making a pencil case for her.  A very simple pattern, made simply with two rectangles of fabric and some ribbon.  
 I loved how it turned out and so did Little R.  I will try and make a post soon for the pattern.  It is so simple and could be used for so many things.
And of course making sure everything was wrapped and ready for her special day. 

Little R on our morning walk with Maya, using her new scooter. 
 I loved how her Big Sister L scooted alongside her making sure that she was ok,  my oldest and my youngest.  It doesn't seem so long ago that L was this little.
 Time for cake!  It was very very yummy.  Little R definitely enjoyed it.  Well done S, knew it would be perfect .

It has been a lovely day celebrating with R today.  I have cherished her little face, her smiles and hugs.  For a little girl so young she is so expressive and has showed me in so many ways today how much she has loved this day.    Happy Birthday my lovely little R. 

 Lots of love from MyLittleCorner


  1. Looks as though it was a special day :)
    Clever Sammy!!

  2. Happy birthday little R!! Thanks for sharing your day :-)