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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School

I know that the summer holidays are not finished yet, in fact we have another 2 weeks, but tomorrow we drive to Germany to visit the in-laws so I figured it would be a good idea to get a start on things.
 Shopping for school supplies can be fun, especially when each one of my children have completely different tastes and styles. 

 My darling S has decided on floral this year

 While Lovely L has gone for the natural look and of course a Music Theme. 

Little S was "as always" easy to please as long as it looked boyish and of course included "Skylanders" .

 I must admit though that I am not really in the mood for making any handmade items for the back to school saga, but my clever Sister P was.  Let me show you what she made out of a pair of old curtains, a box of ribbons and a pile of fat quarters.    

I just LOVE her ribbon box, isn't it fabulous.  The colours, the patterns, I just could not resist a picture.
 The pattern is so simple and can be followed very easily.  You can find a free pattern for it here.
She used a pair of old Ikea Curtains, the material was dark, thick and hard wearing.
 She had a lovely selection of fat quarters to choose from, I loved this one in particular because of all the colours.   The little pocket made from it really brightened up the bag and together with the rainbow ribbon and name tag on the side.  Genius dont you think.

 I enjoyed watching her work lovingly over her sewing machine, thinking about what colours each of her 7 children would like. Sometimes I still cant believe that my little sister has 7 children all under the age of twelve.
 She has lots of beautiful things all around her in her sewing room/dining room,  like this gorgeous jar of sewing essentials.  A Handmade gift from my sister J, you can find more about her on her blog joypureandsimple

 These PE bags are fantastic and didn't even take that long to make, in fact from start to finish she actually made one in about half an hour.   With 14 children running around the house that has to be some sort of record.  I am sure she will get orders from the other mums when her children turn up to school with these.
 They hang brilliantly and are just the right size for a PE Kit and a pair of trainers. 

 They also fit quite snugly on the back as a backpack.  I think that this pattern could easily be used for a swimming bag too, maybe by using some shower curtain material.  

Have you started on the back to school preparations.  Do you have any great tips or patterns you would like to share.  I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love MyLittleCorner


  1. I bought my youngest son's uniform items yesterday. Luckily most of his old one still fits and he didn't need new shoes, the largest (and most expensive!) item was his blazer. I was given a second hand one from a friend but it is a size too big. As he has to wear it all day long I would have felt awful making him wear it now!! I've kept his old one until I find someone to pass it on to - there's no way I'm throwing it out!!
    As for hand made things, I'm busy making a laundry bag for my daughter to take to uni - and hoping to find some time to post about it :-)

    1. School Uniforms are so expensive arent they ? My sister just finished buying all hers and the blazers were a terrible price. Here in the Netherlands we dont have to buy uniforms so thats a good thing and unlike in Germany we dont have to buy all the school supplies. In Germany you have to buy absolutley every piece of paper that they use. I am excited to see the laundery bag that your making.

    2. It's nearly finished!
      Forgot to say how much I love these PE bags. Having worked in schools for many years I can't stress how much easier it is for children to have items that stand out from the crowd. When kit gets muddled up (as it invariably does!) it is so much easier to sort out. Even if you buy the schools own bags you can embellish them with pretty ribbon or a bright tassel.
      P.S. I write this with my Teaching Assistant head on - I was a 'ball-point-pen-on-the-lablel-that-washes-off kinda parent when mine were wee - oops!!

    3. You always make me smile Louise. Looking forward to seeing your Laundry Bag. :)

  2. Lovely photos Charlotte!
    I don't know how Portia does it :)
    Miss you guys.

  3. Just found your blog and its lovely - wish I could share your sister x

    1. I am glad that you like my blog. I am relatively new to the blogging world but am loving it. I have checked out your blog and think its also lovely. Especially your latest Granny Squares .. As for sharing my sister... I know what you mean. She lives in the UK and I live in the Netherlands so we miss eachother a lot. She is one of 3 of my sisters. ( I also have 4 brothers.. ) Between us all we have 24 children. :) It makes for many happy (and stressful) days.