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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just to catch up.

We are in the Netherlands again and I finally have some time to catch up with you all.    Germany was a lovely break but the way back was long !  4 Hours in a 6 seater car with a huge dog and lots of luggage can be quite a challenge for us all.  I guess everyone knew that the holidays had come to and end and we were returning home to prepare for "normal life". 

So to break up the long car ride and to chear us all up  we decided to visit a Nature Zoo on the way. 

My lovely 4 children were glad to just get out of the cramped car and enjoy some of natures lovely sites.

I just loved how all the enclosures were made like this, it get a very relaxed natural feel to the place.

You could just walk around an open enclosure with the monkeys !!  I stayed outside with the dog !!!

Now that we are back in Netherlands I can see that I have a thousand things to do.  Housework, Gardening, Washing and even more Washing !!   But the children really don't want the holiday time to end and are asking for a sewing day.  Mmm  I could be in the mood to put aside the chores and get out the machine.

Well after a few essential jobs that desperately need to be done, lets see what the day brings.   Hope that your all still finding some time to enjoy the last week of the summer holidays.

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner.

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  1. The chores can wait, plenty of time for sewing while the washing machine does its thing!! Love that baby monkey :-D