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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pretty Feet.

 As the pre-teen girls in our group of 14 cousins decided to do a pedicure night ... I decided to help them along with the prettying up of their feet.   ( Fun Fun Fun)  So with my crochet hook to the ready I started to look for something.

I found a wonderful tutorial for gorgeous crochet bracelets or anklets (as I have used them for ) from a Dutch Blog called Hakenenmeer .  The tutorial is in Dutch but it was so simple to follow as she has provided lots of photo steps. 

Toes painted and moisturised ... now for the accessories....

These gorgeous little things take no time at all to crochet and are a lot of fun to make, the girls all decided on their colours from my wool bag supply that came along with me... ( I don't go far without my hooks and a bag of wool ! )   I just LOVE the combinations that they chose don't you ?

The girls have very small ankles, so the bracelet size for an adult will fit the ankles of a child very nicely. 

I used a simple little button to fasten them together.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did making them.  
 Wishing you all a goodnight from MyLittleCorner 

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