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Monday, August 19, 2013

Together again.

We are home from our wonderful family holiday in Britain.  It has been a special time watching all the cousins learning and growing with each other.  It has been a time of laughter, fun and love.  Now we are home it is strangely silent but it is great to be together as a whole family again.

Our first day together we went for a lovely walk and just enjoyed being with each other.  We spent time throwing pebbles in the lake and learning to skim them.  I just love how the ripples reminded me that the smallest things in our life have such a lasting, growing effect on our future.

We saw a gorgeous swan who came swimming towards us, he was hissing and warning us not to stand too close to the waters edge.  The children wanted to know why and  were quite touched when I explained that he was simply trying to  protect his partner. 


It was a comforting, peaceful walk along  a forest path and we simply enjoyed being together as a family.

I am so  glad to be back with you all.

I am working on a few exciting posts, including a wonderful idea (from my sister) for back to school PE Kits.  Hope to write them soon. But first I really need to get the unpacking done.

Lots of love  From MyLittleCorner


  1. Glad you have had such a good holiday, I've loved your photos. Can't believe were thinking back to school already!!

  2. Thank you Louise. The holidays this year seems to have gone by so fast havnt they.