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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Autumn is here.

I think that it is safe to say that Summer has officially gone and Winter is starting to make its way through Autumn.   I don't really mind that much, there are so many things about Autumn that I love.

 The colours. 

I could not find an original source to these pictures, but would love to credit the photographer, if you know who they are.
Cozy woolen blankets.
Picture found on Tumblr via this link
and keeping warm with lovely things like Hot Water Bottles.  

Sorry that the picture was not better, the last few days have been so dark.

So I decided to set about making myself a quick chunky hot water bottle cover.   I used 5 double pointed needles so that there would only be one seam to sew up and  I made it for a mini bottle.    It worked up super easy and I love how it turned out. 

The top was shaped simply by decreasing both sides on two rows and knitting a simple rib pattern.  It could not be easier. ( Just the way I like it ! ) 

I picked up these lovely little tags while I was in Britain, they are so simple and so effective. 

I was experimenting a little bit with the pattern, so I decided to use a cheaper wool which was 100 % Acrylic.  (Not my favorite,  but it is affordable ! )   I loved how the pattern turned out and  decided to treat myself to a luxurious ball of  Italian Wool, 50 % Wool, 20 % Alpaca and just 30 % Acrylic, to make another one.  It is called Adriafil and the colour is called Candy, isn't it gorgeous ?    I will post the finished product when its done, hopefully by tonight. 

I just love knitting with gorgeous wool , don't you ?

Hope that your day is going well and that your loving the beginning of Autumn too. 

Lots of love  MyLittleCorner

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