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Monday, September 23, 2013


It has been a while since I have written a post, I have been insanely busy with so many things that the days are just getting away from me here at MyLittleCorner.

I have been spending some time working on my Tumblr SimplyMyCorner, which I have to say I am enjoying very much.  Its so nice to gather a collection of beautiful images that you can just look at over and over and dream.  I have discovered a world of beautiful blogs, containing beautiful things, it has I have to admit consumed a fair bit of my spare time. 

Also I have been having many many thoughts about Christmas and the gifts I would like to make for family and friends.   The problem is I seem to have so many projects on the go but have not, or cannot finish them for one reason or another.

 For instance.

I wanted to make a pair of fingerless mittens, I  started but then realised that both would not be the same, so I  needed to buy a different ball of wool.

So I unrolled it and now want to start a different project with it .... but what, should it be a hot water bottle cover, a cabled loose knit scarf .... what ???

Then there is this project, cant say too much about this one as it is a future Christmas Gift, but it needs to  be sewn up and completed.  I need to buy something to finish this one off completely and as finances are a little tight at the moment, it is on hold .

The same for these projects too, simply need a little bit of spare cash.  ( You know how it is ! )

Then there is this one,  this has been going on and on for a while, it is going to be a felted knitted bag.  For some reason it is taking me forever, it sits in a little basket at the base of my shelf and the poor thing is not getting the attention it needs to finish it.  No, finance is not the issue here, ( I did in the past indulge in all the wool needed to finish the project ) No its just me being distracted with so many other things.

Looking at it again though, it is gorgeous wool and I am excited to finish it, must start that one again soon.  There should be no excuses. 

Then there is this one ... this is also a future Christmas Gift, so cannot say too much, the wool is lovely to knit with, its a 50% Wool blend and I just love the rustic boyish charm the colours display.  I have to say this has been the project that I am currently working on and I am enjoying it, but it is knitting up rather slowly even though I am using Number 8 needles.   ( Why am I so impatient )

Then there is my Autumn Throw Project.  I love this one too and have been very excited about it.   I especially love how quick it is to crochet up a square.  But it is on hold for the moment ... you guessed it "Money"... I need a few more balls of a different colour to finish off the design and then I can join them all together and make a border.  I did consider making do, but I want it to be wonderful, so I have decided to wait for a while.   

This is a project I have not even started.  I want to knit my little R a pair of felted slippers.  I have the wool and the pattern, I just simply have not started yet !  ( What is wrong with me ! )

 Then there is the rainbow felted purse.  I started this when I was in Britain.  A simple crochet project with the spare felting wool that I had left over.  All I need to do is sew in a zip !!  I say all, but the truth is I have never done it before and as a result keep putting it off .... I must be brave and try ..   I think its lovely don't you. 

Yes., it goes on .... while I was digging through all my projects, I found these... I started making these gorgeous colourful circles, using the left over cottons that I had.   I thought first that I would turn them into granny squares ... but kind of lost my idea as to what it was going to become, so yet again it took a back seat.  ( I am more and more convinced that there is something wrong with me ! )

I also found a few individually crochet shapes, I was experimenting here really and was not  making anything special.  I did think to sew pin cushions with them, or use them to decorate sewn items.  Any ideas would be very much appreciated !!  I seem to be a little bit lost as to what to do with them, but I must say they do look rather nice don't they ? 

Well you can see my dilemma cant you.   I seem to be starting many many things, but for one reason or another I don't seem to finish them.  Maybe I need  a plan, maybe I need some advice, of course for some things I simply need money, but then who doesn't these days.

The biggest problem I think I have is that there are so many other ideas swimming around in my head that I would like to start, but I dare not until I have had some closure with  the ones I have .

Would love to hear your comments, your advice or simply your reassurance that sometimes its ok to let things sit unfinished.

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner

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  1. Hi Charlotte, know the feeling. Its so exciting to start on the many ideas you have in your head. What i did is becoming strict with myself, finish of one project before starting a new one. Only when i do start on a new idea eventually the excitement has gone already, so thats the down side of it :-). So unfortunately no good advice from me, but recognition for the problem. I am looking forward to see the fall blanket! Liefs Stefanie