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Monday, September 30, 2013


 It has been a weekend of much relaxation, starting on Friday night at the beach.  It is my most favorite thing about living here in the Netherlands.  I get to drive to the  beach in about 10  mins and enjoy this view.

It is of course out of season, the best time of year for the beach in my opinion.  It is so peaceful, with just the odd person walking along the shore.  It was perfect to clear ALL the stressful moments of the week.

The dog loved it too.

The children were so calm and relaxed we had to almost drag ourselves away.

Saturday was just as wonderful, starting with a very lazy morning in our Pj,s and ending the same way..

When Sunday came it was off to the forest to walk Maya and to look for Conquers.  A childhood memory I still hold so dear to my heart.

 It is a lovely walk, a  silent place whith only the odd sound of a dog barking and the birds in the trees singing to interrupt your thoughts.    I just love it here.  We all walked slowly and quietly looking for conquers and other exciting things from Autumn.

The conquers were however quite small, I remember them being much bigger, but that was such a very long time ago !   This was one of the biggest that we found.

And this was one of the smallest.

Little R loves to be out and about especially when she can be so free to explore ....

Look what she found ...

We were all a bit sad that the weekend had come to an end, but as a memory of our day, my Lovely L displayed and photographed our Autumn Treasures that we found.

These are  my favorite ... she is so creative, I just love it .  ( Thank you my lovely little girl )

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and found some time for relaxation.

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner


  1. These Autumn Angels are so amazing!! - You could make postcards of them - I would love one!!
    Miss you guys.

    1. I know Jo., she is so creative, she sees things in everything around her .. she is lovely. Its a good idea about the postcards and I love the title too... Autumn Angels. She will be happy that you liked them.

  2. That sounds like a perfect weekend. Woodland walks are nicest in autumn i always think, and I prefer the beach out of season too. x

  3. Beautyful pictures! Thank you for sharing!