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Monday, September 2, 2013

Thoughts and Throws

There are so many thoughts in my mind at the moment ranging from creating beautiful things, to organising the home and making it beautiful.  Many many thoughts about the future and what it holds for my lovely little family.  

So when my mind goes crazzy with these thoughts I desperately need a BIG crochet project just to keep me grounded.  The methodical counting of the stitches as I hook helps me gain some perspective on things and situations.   So I have been searching the wonderful world of the web and have found so many lovely Cable Throws that I am itching to start.

What do you think ?  ( Under the pictures I have added the link that I could find, I hope if this is your work, that it leads back to you ... your talent deserves recognition. )

These are a few of the lovely warm gorgeous throws that are calling out to me.   I am not sure yet, when, how and what I am going to start.  But Start I Will. 

Its always difficult to start something new, because there are so many other things I should be finishing off first.  But  once I get started I know that it will feel wonderful to be  "cwtched" ( my favorite welsh word ) by a warm woolen throw.    

Oh, I guess this means that summer is definitely over and Autumn is coming.   Don't you just love crochet during the colder nights.

What are your thoughts on the throws and do you have any links to some patterns ?  I would love to hear from you.

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner

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  1. Charlotte, I know it's another place to spread yourself on the internet, but have you joined yet? Lots of lovely knitters and crocheters like you there, who share projects and patterns (even selling some original PDFs ect.)
    I'm on there as rhubarbsgarden not a lot going, but starting my first "in the round" jumper this week - cheap wool, free pattern....what more could a nutty knitter ask for?
    And you are right - Autumn must be here, because despite the sunshine, I still want to wear slippers and a cardi :)
    Love and hugs li'l sis