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Friday, October 11, 2013


So you know how I said that we LOVE Halloween in this house ... well we really do and we are getting really excited.

I think its a great time to get together and do a bit of craftiness, not that we need an excuse.   This little project was particularly fun and easy to put together and even Little R was involved.

We bought some cardboard letters, which were pretty cheap less than 2 Euro each ... we bought the letters B O O ...

First things first the letter B, we used a simple technique of decoupage, with a serviette from last year and home made modge podge ( What could be simpler and cheaper ! )

Peal the top layer off and use only that sheet of tissue

Voila .....

Then for the OO ... the children got into this, we simply painted them both black ...  super easy and great fun.

Little Rosie occupied herself ... she preferred colours !

And here we have it ... we plan to spook it up a bit on Halloween with cobwebs and spiders and a few lights .... but I think it looks brilliant, don't you ?

Are you having fun making Halloween decorations, or presents, or planning some scary spooky treats, I would love to hear about some of your ideas.

Lots of love from MyLittleCorner

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