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Friday, October 25, 2013

Its a Dogs Life.

This post is about our family Dog Maya.  For those following my blog, Maya has been seen in pictures on our many walks to the forest and to the beach here in Den Haag.    She is a 4 year old  Bernese Mountain Dog, she has severe Hip Dysplasia in both back legs and the right front leg.  She suffers from constant Irritable Bowel Syndrome which I am sure you will all appreciate makes for some pretty tough days and nights, as this usually means a few trips outside during the night and throughout the day.  

 Saying that, she is a darling dog and is one of the best dogs you could ever imagine..  loyal, obedient ( a little silly at times ) but on the whole very very well behaved.  Despite her condition we have never had any indoor accidents, even during the nights, she simply cries quietly to let me know its time.

 This has of course made the decision to keep trying to give her some quality of life easier, although at times I am besides myself with the stress from her.  Her condition makes her "Stink!" like what only can be described as cheesy stinky socks.... and to have such a huge dog in the house that  stinks ... is no fun.  (At all !!)

Its such a shame that we cannot enjoy her more as she is such a loveable dog and is so gentle, a true Gentle Giant.

 Can you imagine pulling this giant  up the stairs, and lifting her into the bath tub ... its tough work, especially the mess afterwards, just to find that 1 day later she stinks again !!!!

Today we have made the decision to try something completely different.   We have tried all types of foods, snacks,sprays, shampoos, oils, medicine, antibiotics, pain-killers, nothing helps.  It may help one ailment but flare up another .... so frustrating and so damaging on our bank account !!  ( Believe me when I say I could have bought at least 3 healthy Bernese by now with the money we have spent at the local Vets. !! 

Anyway, we are trying something called "Green Tripe"   this is the freeze dried stuff, but to be honest I think I would rather use this than handle the really raw stuff..


 Maybe this will be the miracle cure that we are after, because at the moment, we have to decide whether her quality of life is really any quality at all !!  With the pain in her legs, the pain of an upset stomach and yeast infections, chronic diarrhea, well the only other decision is whether to put her to sleep !!!    ( Not nice to think about )

I have searched for a few suppliers and have found one fairly close by .... I have heard that this stuff Stinks, so I hope it doesn't make her stink even worse !!    Does anyone have any experience with this ?  Would love to hear about it.

Lots of love MyLittleCorner

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